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Music Store

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How can I sell my music online and not lose all my profits to subscription services? If that is the question, you have found the perfect solution.

Music Store is a PHP music store/system that enables you to sell your music online. Instant downloads and CDs are supported via this powerful but easy to use music download script.

Many people sell online and many of them are musicians who don`t need a fully blown e-commerce system to sell their music, they just want a simple PHP music store/system.

A lot of online options are available, but these are subscription based, meaning a big chunk of your profits are gone before you start selling. Music Store, a PHP music download script enables you to sell your music online on your own server. No subscriptions, nice and easy.

Music Store separates tangible and digital tax to comply with the EU`s MOSS regulation. This enables you to charge different tax based on tangible or downloadable goods. For example, UK based, but need to charge V.A.T based on another EU countries tax rate? No problem, Music Store has you covered.

Included in this script is a white label licence (or reseller licence) enables you to take the system and remove all credits from the existing developer, thus making the software appear as your own. Meaning you can resell this script as your own.

Current version: 2.9
Release Date: 4 October 2019

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