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Google Map Driving Directions (Joomla Plugin)
Google Map Driving Directions (Joomla Plugin)

Google Map Driving Directions (Joomla Plugin)

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This Joomla plugin is an extension of the googleDirections plugin. You specify a designated place to be the destination, and let the user enter the adddress he or she is coming from. Google will then provide the driving, walking, or biking directions from the user-specified address to your designated place.

Note: If you want to use this content plugin inside a Custom HTML Modules, please refer to this article: How to Run Joomla Content Plugins in Custom HTML Modules.




Mobile GPS
For mobile GPS to work for Current Location, your website must be using HTTPS (secured server).
The client must also allow access to its current location.

googleMaps Plugin (included)
This plugin is for showing directions using Google Maps API.
If you just need a simple map (without any driving directions), you can use the googleMaps plugin.

googleDirections Plugin (included)
This plugin has the destination fixed at your designated place.
If you want to be able to specify both the starting point and destination as variables, please use the googleDirections plugin.

Unique Features
Uses the latest Google Maps API v3
Support for mobile and responsive design!
Support for different transportation mode - DRIVING / BICYCLING / TRANSIT / WALKING
Support of laptop / mobile GPS to access Current Location
You can embed multiple Google Directions_to_here within an article
Each Google Direction can be of different size, map control and map type
Support for kml files
You can specify the "home position" using real address or longitude/latitude points
Built-in street view!
Support for many native languages e.g. Italian, Russian, French
Available for Joomla versions: Joomla 3.0.x! 


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